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19 March 2019- ICC Investigations in Palestine

Leading international justice consultancy, MH Group, is launching an initiative for the ICC Prosecutor to open an investigation into those most responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, and in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. MH Group has instructed Rodney Dixon QC to prepare legal submissions to the ICC Prosecutor and to act on its behalf as legal counsel.

The ICC Prosecutor indicated in her latest report on Preliminary Examinations in December 2018 that she intends to make a decision on whether to open an investigation in the Palestine Situation “as early as possible”. No date has been given. In light of this examination already having been underway for over 3 years since January 2015, MH Group will urge that these proceedings are expedited before the Court in the interests of those who have been subjected to the most serious international crimes. MH Group will be acting in close consultation with Palestinian victims of these crimes, as well as civil society and international bodies.


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